A lot of people will agree that public schools and private schools don’t have the same benefits. The crowded classrooms of public schools can greatly affect the learning of any child. This is the reason why many parents will choose a private education for their children.

Private schools, such as catholic schools were often chosen by parents as an alternative to public schools. Most parent believes that Catholic school will better suit the needs of the kids. This is because these schools were designed to provide teachers with more hands-on teaching with students. Moreover, these schools will also teach your children values. A Catholic school typically includes biblical studies which allows your child to spend his day devoted to God and to his education, both will greatly help him to be more successful in life.

As a Catholic School we think students should be well behaved and have excellent manners. Etiquette can help students to be better Catholics by teaching them to interact properly with people in modern society. Towards this end we recommend “The Etiquette Society” for their fine courses on good manners and their etiquette classes for kids in Chicago. Take a look at their site to find out what types of courses would be good for you. You can also check out the video below to know how these courses can help your children.

However, you don’t really have to aspire the catholic teachings to enjoy the benefits of Catholic school education. Some of these benefits are the privilege for your child to enjoy modern arts facilities. Public schools often are cutting art and music because of budget. However, things like arts, literature, drama and music were large part of any Catholic school curriculum. Students usually required to attend classes in arts and music weekly from pre-school up to middle school.

Another benefit of these schools is the self discipline. Although all schools try to teach their students responsibility for their own actions and to control their selves, Catholic schools taught self-discipline as  a moral imperative. They really take the “What would Jesus do?” question seriously especially when teaching children about their actions. Children learns the fullness of the church and it works to back up what are their parents taught to their children about their beliefs at home.

Lastly, one part that you will always encounter in any Catholic school is their promotion of service to others. This is very important part of their curriculum. All of their students from pre-school up to the highest grade were taught the importance of responding to the needs of other people.

Catholic schools are really great option for the education of your children. However, it can be quite pricey compared to public schools. Thankfully, there are scholarship available for your child. Applying financial assistance for your kid’s education is a very hard but very regarding task. Knowing that your child can have a well-rounded education that almost all colleges and universities require is a very comforting thought. There are many organizations out there that gives scholarships to any deserving child. Alumni organizations were usually the most common group the offers scholarships. These are usually founded by previous students who have since graduated and wish to give back and provide assistance to those who are in need.

All children were entitled to receive the quality of education that will give them the ability to edge over their peers. Do not be discouraged but rather explore all the available options. let your children have the education that can make them successful in their lives.