Classes for Students of OLFRS

Most people would agree with the sentiment that public schools are overcrowded. We all know that overcrowding creates a condition where it’s more difficult for most students to learn. That’s why private schools such as ours try to control the sizes of their classrooms. We know that smaller classrooms mean a better education for our students.

Our private school not only tries to control the sizes of our classrooms, we also try to include more types of classes then the typical classes you’ll find in most public schools.

Along with the standard curriculum as a Christian school, we feel we are mandated to serve others and to teach our students to serve others in the community. To this end, OLFRS is now offering classes for domestic service jobs such as estate manager positions, personal chef jobs, personal assistance, housekeeping, baby nurse positions, and the entire gamut of domestic staffing agency jobs and positions. See our hiring partner at their domestic staffing agency Palm Beach website.

As a Catholic school we also, of course, teach the full curriculum of Catholic religious classes. But we also believe on the other hand that you don’t actually have to be Catholic to benefit from the classes we teach. For instance, your child may enjoy our modern art facilities and our superior music facilities. Drama, music, and literature are always a large part of any Catholic school curriculum. And here at OLFRS, when it comes to teaching about various arts, we are no different than our peers at teaching about these things.

Another difference about private Catholic schools are the elements of self-discipline. Parochial schools always try to teach students to take responsibility for their own actions and to live up to religious and biblical standard as a moral and mandated imperative. Even as it relates to work after school in various fields, we teach our students to always ask the question, ”What would Jesus do?”

We aspire to provide an atmosphere of academic excellence, where service to God, community, and others is at the core of everything we do and teach. We believe this to be fundamental to the teachings Jesus Christ and our religious beliefs at OLFRS.

As always in any Catholic school, the idea of giving service to others is very important. Students are taught to consider other’s needs, even above the needs of themselves at times. This is one of the reasons we have decided to teach students how to work in a service industry such as the Domestic staffing industry.

We realize our school, however, must have higher prices then the free prices of public schools so that we can provide a superior education. In order to compensate for this, we offer various scholarships for qualified children. Feel free to apply for financial assistance for your child’s classes at our financial assistance office.

Several organizations have created scholarships that can be qualified for by almost any deserving child. Our alumni organizations are the most common group that offers these scholarships. Is scholarships are funded by past students and graduates of OLFRS who would like to give back to our school and help those students who need help.

Our classes are accredited and can be transferred to almost all colleges and universities across the United States. We believe that your children deserve to receive a superior quality education — one that will give them an advantage in life and work over other people their age. Take a look at all of our available options and let your children get the education they deserve — one that will help them to succeed in the future as young adults who desire to help and serve.

So if you’re considering Catholic school for your children, consider a school that will teach your children how to be of service and helps others — whether that service is to the church, the community, or as a job as a domestic servant or helper to others. A person who is willing to serve is a pleasure to the community and a blessing to the world.