About Us

The mission of OLFRS is to provide, in a creative atmosphere, a child-centered education of academic excellence for our students from preschool through eighth grade. It is based on Catholic principles and traditional Christian values supported by strong family commitment.

The community of OLFRS believe that our fundamental purpose is to provide a truly Catholic education for our students. Since education is a preparation for complete being, the entire school community works together to foster the emotional, moral, social, and physical development leading to knowledge and excellence. We encourage our students to strive to reach their full potential, to prepare them to function responsibly in a democratic society, and to lead a productive life.

Our philosophy is based on a code of Christian conduct. To teach as Jesus did, we must develop in our students a clear understanding of the teachings of Jesus and His church, a sense of personal integrity, the love of thy neighbor that stems from civic involvement and social action, and accountability to God as Father. By adhering to this code, we strive as a community to teach our students individual responsibility that gives witness to Christian beliefs and values.

Recognizing the unique characteristics of the complete individual and the variations in patterns of growth, motivation, and development, as well as the needs of a democratic society, our school aims to provide teaching that inspires, challenges, informs, and constantly searches for methods of improvement. We value a classroom climate that recognizes academic excellence and encourages achievement.

For parents, the education of their children is of primary importance. OLFRS offers its students an education that is comparable to the excellent education available at area public schools, but with a difference – an environment fostering the teaching of our Catholic faith and our Catholic Christian values system.